3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Unfollow Their Ex On Instagram

1. Cancer

- Due to their deep emotional sensitivity, cancers are known to have intense emotions 

- recollections when they come across updates or images of their ex on social media.

2. Scorpio

- It can be difficult for Scorpios to set healthy boundaries after a breakup if they continue to communicate with their ex on social media.

-  Scorpios can prioritize their own well-being and make space for themselves without feeling forced to maintain a connection with someone from their past by unfollowing their ex.

3. The Pisces

- For Pisces, unfollowing an ex is a sign of respect and self-care.

- It shows that they respect their mental health and are prepared to take precautions to preserve it, even if it means severing ties with a former loved one. 

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