3 Zodiacs Entering Their Villain Era On March 2

- Is this the age of the villain, or are you finally taking charge of your life?

-  You don't put others' needs ahead of your own, and for certain signs of the zodiac, that takes a lifetime to overcome.

-  A true "villain" arc is about putting yourself first, not about becoming into a sleazy, cruel version of oneself.

- Virgo

- You may be the most obstinate and bull-headed sign in the zodiac, but that doesn't mean you don't prioritize other people.

- Cancer

-It's simple for you to give much too much of yourself to individuals who don't have your best interests at heart since you are so sensitive and sympathetic.

- The Capricorn

- You enjoy lending a hand to your pals. You will be more willing to give advice, give money, or give a trip to the airport if you are closer.

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