4 Zodiacs Embarking On A Transformative Odyssey From 2024 Until 2044

- Pluto, the planet of destruction and power, will be in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius from 2024 until 2044. 

- This implies significant changes to the overall organization of society on a collective basis.

- the American Revolution occurred during the previous time Pluto transited Aquarius!

- On a personal level, nevertheless, throughout this twenty-year transit,

-there are four signals in particular that are starting a profoundly altering journey. 

1. The Aquarius 

During this passage, a profound metamorphosis of self is being initiated.

2. Leo

The area of relationships is where you are changing, Leo.

3. Scorpio 

Scorpios are going through a Plutonian metamorphosis in terms of family and home life. 


You are undergoing a metamorphosis in terms of your profession and public persona.

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