5 Zodiac Signs Most Capable Of Casting Magical Spells

- Certain indicators lean more toward reason, organization, sobriety, and goal-setting.

- None of the indicators are present on this list.

-What kind of spell would each symbol perform is the question.

-There was no getting past the fact that the first three were water signs.

1. Scorpio- You are the Zodiac's Wicked Witch, a person drawn to mystery and darkness for vitality.

2. The Pisces -Being a water sign, you are the quintessential sopping-wet dishrag of emotions.

3. Cancer- The most sensitive of all the water signs, you feel a wide range of emotions 

4. The Aquarian- Aquarius, is that the rest of us are too naive and chaotic to understand the wider picture.

5. The Virgo- You are the most humanitarian sign in the universe.

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