Angelina Jolie’s Blonde Transformation Makes Me Want to Call My Hairstylist

- which had a quote from Girl written in white all caps over the shoulder strap.

- She accessorized with a black courier bag by Giancarlo Cipri,

-she's been wearing all winter, was very different from her new hairstyle.

-The rest of Jolie's outfit, which had the same subdued color scheme

- Interrupted in 1999, and she most recently sported a platinum-blonde wig for the Marvel film Eternals, which comes out in 2021.

- She had previously had her hair colored for her Academy Award–winning role in Girl

- Additionally, this isn't the first time Jolie has gone completely blonde. 

- She obviously made the decision to go forward and be brave since then.

- Timed for spring, Angelina Jolie has updated her hairstyle.

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