Borderlands Movie Exclusive Poster And Trailer Sneak Peek

It's about time for Borderlands, the video game series that helped popularize the looter-shooter genre, to acquire its own cinematic universe.

Fans adore the six base games in the series for their wacky characters and magical mythos.

Before the movie opens in theaters this summer, there is still work to be done.

As if that weren't enough, the new Borderlands movie poster has been exclusively revealed by IGN, and it can be seen below.

Even during a video conference, Pitchford and Roth's interactions give the impression that they are brothers.

The same carefree, silly vibe that defines Borderlands is evident in both of them.

The way the two creatives kept interrupting one other with hilarious stories about their time on set, in my opinion, was the best example of this.

Jokes aside, though, the two get along well professionally, which is encouraging for this video game adaptation.

The creative team behind the Borderlands movie was free to choose from the diverse array of characters across the franchise.

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