Boy Meets World Actors Regret On Past Defense of Brian Peck

Will Friedle, and Danielle Fishel discussing their interactions with Boy Meets World guest star and convicted sexual abuser Brian Peck.

Family therapist Kati Morton joined the co-hosts to talk about the incident in which Friedle claimed they were "on the wrong side of everything."

Peck became acquainted with Friedle and Strong while appearing as a guest on two episodes of Boy Meets World in season 5.

According to Fishel's assumption, a lot of the grownups on the Boy Meets World set were afraid of appearing homophobic

"The other adults on set, who perhaps ought to have inquired as to why this man was heading to Rider's house for a party, could have done so.

"I think part of them refrained from saying it out of fear that it would be interpreted as homophobia rather than as 'This is a boundary, gay or not.'"

Peck was accused with obscene acts against children and oral copulation of a person under the age of sixteen in 2003.

According to Friedle, Peck started fabricating an account of his arrest right away, saying that his victim was to blame and that he wasn't at fault.

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