Erewhon's Olivia Rodrigo Inspired "Good 4 ur GUTS Smoothie

- We overlaid the smoothie with coconut whipped cream to achieve Olivia Rodrigo's gorgeous two-tone appearance.

- We added two teaspoons and blended.

- Next is ION Gut Support, a supplement that claims to support metabolism, digestion, immunity, mental clarity, and more.

- When we tried this on its own, it was really sour. It has a thin, drinking consistency rather than the thickness of a thick purée.

- Olivia Rodrigo's Erewhon Smoothie: What's in it?

- I asked Food Network Kitchen to find out what ingredients went into the smoothie and find a way to make it again.

- However, we can help if you're missing it, don't want to shell out the big cash, or don't live close to an Erewhon.

-Retailing at $18, it is accessible for a brief period of time until January 14, 2024.

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