How To Max Out Your Luck On Leap Day (2/29), Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Sign of Aries: Today, trust your gut.

2. Virgo: Today, answer "yes." Leap Day will be just another day if you continue to live in your comfort zone.

3. Sign of Gemini: Make as many conversations as you can today.

4. Cancer: Refuse to do anything that you don't wish to do today. 

5. Leo: This is your chance to do something you've been wanting to do for a while but haven't had the bravery to do.

6. Virgo: Today, break out of your routine. Forget about it, whatever you do on a typical day.

7. Libra: Give your partner and the people in your social circle a lot of love. 

8. Scorpio:  Rather than holding your happiness inside, let your friends know how you truly feel, ask for help, or just grin openly.

9. In Sagittarius: Pay a visit to your relatives. You think about them all the time, but when did you last see them?

10. The Capricorn:  You're really good at giving friends and family advice, but you seldom ever accept it yourself.

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