Jason Kelce Calls Out Travis Kelce For "Unacceptable" Interaction

A lot of things went viral during Super Bowl LVIII, including Taylor Swift drinking a beer in the stands.

Usher's incredible halftime show, Reba McEntire's moving version of the National Anthem, and the Kansas City Chiefs' thrilling overtime victory.

However, very few were as astounding as the exchange between Andy Reid, the head coach, and Travis Kelce.

Fans were taken aback by the scene, and it quickly became a meme on social media.

When Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco mishandled the ball while trying to score.

it was an explosive incident that took place during the second quarter of the game. During the play, Travis was on the sidelines.

His coach was shown on camera getting bumped into and getting yelled at.

After the game, Travis originally dismissed the encounter with a joke, explaining that he was simply expressing his affection to his coach.

However, Travis's older brother Jason held him responsible for the exchange at the most recent New Heights podcast episode.

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