Jennifer Aniston forgets her iconic '90s hairstyle 'The Rachel' in new ad

- Once more, Jennifer Aniston has lost sight of her "Friends" origins.

- A man asks, "Uber Eats has LolaVie products?" "I got to remember that."

- Aniston turns to a woman getting her hair done and says, "Well you know they say, in order to remember something, you have to forget something else."

- "All right, that haircut is very adorable. That like a tiny shag. I had never previously witnessed that."

- The woman approaches Aniston and remarks, "I mean, of course you have," while sporting the famous "The Rachel" haircut.

- The commercial debuted exclusively on TODAY on February 6, just in time for the big game.

-Despite having collaborated on the show for ten years, Aniston questioned Schwimmer if they had ever met during their conversation.