LeBron James Defends Son Bronny After NBA Mock Draft Removal

According to USA Today, the New York Post, and TMZ, the 39-year-old NBA icon expressed his annoyance on Monday

with rumors circulating about his son Bronny's potential professional basketball future on X.

The 19-year-old was taken out of ESPN's 2024 NBA mock draft. He is now a freshman at USC.

The collegiate player's expected draft position as of right now is 2025.

The Lakers player said in the since-deleted X post, "Can yall please just let the kid be a kid and enjoy college basketball," according to USA Today.

Whatever he chooses to do, in the end, the work and the outcomes will speak for itself.

You guys may be unaware that he simply WORKS, regardless of what a mock draft says! Earned Not Assigned!

The four-time NBA champion went on, "And to all the other kids out there striving to be great, just keep your head down, blinders on, and keep grinding."

These mock drafts are completely irrelevant! I swear to you! Work is all that matters! Come on, people—let's talk real basketball!

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