Meta Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro

-It's still not as excellent as your own vision, though, and there's some motion blur on Apple's micro-OLED screens.

-through the headset for small periods of time because they are significantly sharper.

-You can utilize the Vision Pro's cameras to use your phone 

- The real world can be blended with virtual screens, games, and even three-dimensional objects.

- However, Quest 3 and Vision Pro present concepts that will shape the terrain for years to come.

- My all-time favorite VR headgear was the reasonably priced Meta Quest 2. 

- That's how my life in mixed reality headsets has been going lately.

- After cleaning the headset, I resumed my work inside the Apple Vision Pro.

- I was aware that my heart rate had increased to 150.

- I worked out for thirty minutes, boxing hard. 

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