Rust Update 1.90 – March 02, 2024

1. The Military Tunnels are a new landmark that players can now explore.

2. Three new weapons have been introduced to the game for players to utilize in battle: the M4 shotgun, the Handmade LMG, and the Prototype 17 pistol.

3. New Throwables: Players can now strategically employ Flashbangs and Molotov cocktails against their adversaries.

4. New Weapon Attachments: To enhance battle performance, some weapons now have the ability to attach the Extended Magazine and Burst Fire Module.

5. Ability to Change Personal Footstep Sounds: For a more personalized gaming experience, players can now change their personal footstep sounds in the Audio Options panel.

6. UI Enhancements for Teams: A number of changes have been made to the UI for teams, which facilitates better communication and teamwork among players.

7. Spray may Skin Application: With the Spray Can, players may now directly apply skins to objects, enabling more individualized gear customization.

8. Hit Cross and Crosshairs: In order to improve player feedback during encounters, the game now includes Hit Cross and Crosshair indicators.