"Shogun" Is The Best High-Stakes Event Television

Based on James Clavell's best-selling book, Shogun is set in 17th-century Japan, amidst a civil war.

The taiko, the supreme leader of Japan, has passed away, and a Council of Regents is formed to fill the position.

Lord Yoshii Toranaga, a legendary warrior, is the most mysterious member of the council.

The council members oppose Toranaga, believing he intends to declare himself shogun and establish a military dictatorship.

The council prepares to impeach Toranaga, but a Dutch vessel, commanded by English sailor John Blackthorne, arrives.

Blackthorne, a Protestant and their opponent, is a potential negotiating chip.

The show explores the shifting allegiances of political figures, particularly in Japanese society.

Blackthorne serves as a stand-in for the audience, responding to the callous treatment of life and death.

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