Tarotscope For Today: Saturday, February 24, 2024

10. Capricorn 4 of Cups is your card.It's simply not your day today. 

9. Sagittarius Now is the ideal moment to pursue your goals with abandon.

8. Scorpio Seek out fresh opportunities in your work and finances today. 

7. Libra  There's simply no reason not to celebrate good sentiments with your buddies.

6. Virgo It's possible that you're driven to win an argument today.

5. Leo Today, customs can have you stuck in a rut.

4. Cancer You may not always be brave, but today will present a challenge that calls for your strength and determination.

3. Gemini To achieve great things, you must be disciplined.

2. Taurus Today, you have a lot of power, especially if you use it to truly actualize the things you've always desired.

1. Aries Finish your Saturday with a creative endeavor that could take up all of your future free time.

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