The Top 9 Zodiac Signs For Women Who Predominate in Bed

9. Capricorn: What matters most to a Capricorn lover is not sexual fitness.

8. Pisces: Pisces is slightly less fit than Aquarius and tends to forget things.

7. Aquarius: Aquarius is a very courageous and bold person who is quite adventurous in bed.

6. Leo: Leos are incredibly supportive and can be the most affectionate sign in the bedroom. 

5. Scorpio: They are not only carefree and carefree when it comes to sex; they are also cautious and meticulous.

4. November: This sign values sex, but it also values confidence and self-worth.

3. The Taurus sign: For Tauruses, who take their health very seriously overall, sexual fitness is everything.

2. The Aries sign: Aries wants to be the center of attention and wants you to remember them when you leave.

1. Libra: People want to satisfy you and are perfectly cool with working with you on whatever it is that would make you happy.

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