This Behavior Is Sabotaging Your Love Life

1. Taurus: Taurus people organize their lives.

2. Gemini : Before you can truly settle into a life with someone you love, you need to take some time to "find yourself."

3. Cancer : Your inclination to overreact. The effects of cancer are dramatic!

4. Leo :I should first clarify that, certainly, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with being self-sufficient and confident.

5. Virgo :You like to make your relationships seem much more complicated than they actually are.

6. Libra: Your utopian, perfectionistic perspective on life is actually what is currently impeding you.

7. Scorpio: Your apprehension about being rejected. You probably anticipated this, though.

8. Sagittarius:Even if they do happen to find the love of their lives, it will be difficult to find a Sag who will want to voluntarily "settle down."

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