Travis Kelce Andy Reid Super Bowl Confrontation Viral Audio

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce stormed up to coach Andy Reid during Super Bowl LVIII.

What did he say it? We'll never be aware of it.

Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post claims that the raw audio of whatever Kelce said to Reid would be buried, probably permanently.

despite the fact that NFL Films had microphones everywhere throughout the game.

It will also occasionally be necessary to apply discretion when deciding what will be used when NFL Films throws a wire on everyone.

In addition, the teams engaged undoubtedly have a say in what is disclosed to the general public and what is not.

The NFL Films tape, which featured the video but not the audio of the incident between Reid and Kelce, was used on Inside the NFL.

HBO series that was once a must-see but is now (I believe) on the CW. An Inside the NFL representative declined to speak to Glasspiegel.

Thus, the audio does indeed exist. Furthermore, Big Shield will never allow us to hear it.

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