Tyrese Maxey Overshadows Allen Iverson

- Tyrese Maxey was not affected by the Philadelphia 76ers' hangover after All-Star weekend.

- Despite the fact that the Sixers lose 32–23, Maxey's skill makes the evening not that bad.

- Not only was Young Maxey's performance outstanding, but it was also historic.

- Along with his two rebounds and four assists, he demonstrated his versatility as an offensive player.

- But Maxey wasn't an isolated individual. 

- Maxey's performance is a bright spot for the Sixers despite the setback. 

- The club needs someone to step up now that Embiid is sidelined, and Maxey has more than met the mark.

-  His ability to score points and Lowry's seasoned wisdom should help the 76ers win the playoffs

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