‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright’s Split Was Predicted by Their Zodiac Signs

- Their marriage has been beset by rumors of infidelity as a result of cheating incidents that were reported on Vanderpump Rules.

- Star of "Vanderpump Rules" Jax Taylor is a Zodiac Sign of Cancer, the Emotional Jax Taylor is a Cancer by zodiac sign since he was born on July 7, 1979.

- Earth, air, water, or fire are the elements that each sign of the zodiac corresponds to.

- Sadly, in Vanderpump Rules, Taylor transformed some of his best Cancer traits into drawbacks.

- Taylor isn't totally an evil, even though he participated in House of Villains.

-  Whether he was single or not, ladies would constantly be lining up to date him since he was a natural flirt.

- Caring Aquarius is Brittany Cartwright's zodiac sign.

- Brittany Cartwright, the spouse of Jax Taylor, was born on January 25, 1989, making her an Aquarius.

- The Zodiac Signs of the "Vanderpump Rules" Stars Predicted Their Split and Potential Divorce 

- Sadly, there is just no compatibility between Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's zodiac signs.

- Whereas Aquarians use their heads, Cancers follow their emotions to the letter.

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