What Your Horoscope Says About Today

You might decide to do some housework today, Aries, since you might be feeling a little flush.

8. Aries

Today, Taurus, you have a particularly mystical and intuitive mood.

7. Taurus

You're normally a pretty grounded and pragmatic person, but today you might lean more toward mysticism than usual.

6. Gemini

You're drawn to group activities that involve meditation, psychic or spiritual subjects, or artistic endeavors right now

5. Cancer

Dreams are likely strong and vivid, and you may feel particularly attuned to other dimensions.

4. Leo

Today, Virgo, your imagination is really taking off. You are more interested than ever in mystical and philosophical topics.

3. Virgo

You could receive some excellent news today, Libra, regarding your finances and professional situation.

2. Libra

By mid-afternoon, a small quarrel with a love partner in the morning will probably end in tears and lots of comfort.

1. Scorpio

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