Which Noah Kahan Song You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. "Mess," Aries

Success comes naturally to you, Aries.

2. “Strawberry Wine,” for Taurus

As a sign of Taurus, you value consistency and comfort, and this also applies to the relationships you have with other people.

3. "False Confidence," Gemini

"False Confidence" delves into Kahan's challenges in selecting a persona and brand, as he frequently doubted his own genuineness.

4. "Come Over," Cancer.

You can also enjoy the bittersweet sensation that comes with nostalgia and thinking back on the past. Cancers are sentimental people.

5. "You're Gonna Go Far," said Leo.

Leo, you might find this tune a little complex.

6."Godlight," Virgo

Virgo, you have the ability to uphold your moral principles and never waver from what you truly believe in.

7. "Your Needs, My Needs," says Libra.

Even in your personal connections, you, Libra, tend to find yourself in the midst of things.

8. "If We Were Vampires," says Scorpio.

You're a sign, Scorpio, that can enjoy a song about dying.

9. Paul Revere is in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius, your sign may be associated with the idea of randomly moving to a new place and starting again.

10. Capricorn: "No Grievances"

You are the sign of Capricorn who will stop at nothing to accomplish your objectives.

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