Who Your Perfect Forever Person Is, Based On Birth Order

- Someone who is independent yet values spending time with you is your ideal lifelong partner.

- You need someone who doesn't have to spend every waking moment with you, but who will make time in their schedule to visit you.

- Outside of the partnership, this person ought to have their own interests, passions, and friends.

-  They know you are your own person, so they shouldn't be envious if your plans keep you away from them temporarily.

1. Senior Child

Dependable, trustworthy, and consistent—that's the ideal lifelong partner.

2. Child in the Middle

Playful and enjoyable, the ideal everlasting partner may yet be serious when necessary.

3. Littlest Child

While they share your interests in music, movies, and pastimes, your ideal forever partner isn't an exact replica of you.

4. Twin

A big, loving heart, attentiveness, and sentimentality characterize your ideal lifelong partner.