Why Michael Jordan Banned From Daytona 500 Betting

The legendary Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan is an unwavering competitor.

Jordan always wanted to win, whether it was a game of cards, table tennis, or golf.

Even though he was a formidable player on the basketball court, he is equally well-known for his love of sports betting and gambling.

In 2020, MJ and three-time Daytona 500 champion Denny Hamlin founded the 23XI Racing Team.

But Jordan isn't permitted to wager on his own drivers, even if he owns one of the most thrilling teams in NASCAR.

This is due to a NASCAR regulation that forbids crew members, drivers, and team owners from placing bets on their sport.

Furthermore, it is forbidden for them to provide insider information to outside parties.

His Airiness will have to forgo betting on his team, as NASCAR encourages safe sports betting.

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