5 Facts To Know About Massive AT&T Network Outage

Due to a nearly 12-hour AT&T network outage on Thursday, tens of thousands of Americans experienced difficulties....

....making phone calls, sending messages, contacting emergency services, or even accessing the internet.

What you should know about the outage is as follows:

5. Who was impacted? Thousands of AT&T users started to complain about problems using their mobile devices to text, phone, and browse the internet

4. Why did the outage occur? In a Thursday night update, AT&T stated that it did not think the disruption was caused by a hack.

3. What was AT&T's response? By midday Eastern time, AT&T claimed to have taken "immediate action" to restore roughly three-quarters of the network.

2. What was AT&T's response? As of right now, neither federal officials nor an industry authority can find any proof of a cyberattack.

1. What statements about the incident did government officials make? A number of federal agencies are looking into the incident.

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