Stephen Smith Blames LeBron James Ruined Slam Dunk Contest

LeBron James has accomplished everything there is to do in the NBA.

Aaside from participating in the yearly Slam Dunk competition,

According to Stephen A. Smith, his inaction is the only reason the competition's quality has gotten worse over time.

Smith and his co-hosts Shannon Sharpe and Kendrick Perkins talked about the issue on First Take.

When Smith brought up the subject, Sharpe gave him a look of disfavor right away.

Smith responded by threatening to never take part in the GOAT argument between Michael Jordan and LeBron James again if they paid attention to him.

He yelled, "After that, the stars that came after didn't feel compelled to prioritize a Slam Dunk contest."

Smith even believed that King James did enormous dunks on purpose to "rub it in" on his layup lines prior to the game.

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