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Family Fitness Fun: 15+ Activities And Exercise Games To Keep You Active

Family Fitness Fun: 15+ Activities And Exercise Games To Keep You Active

Playing together helps the family stay together! Getting active with your children, whether they are toddlers, teens, or anywhere in between, is an excellent way to strengthen the bonds between families. You can also increase your physical activity by planning family fitness activities because there is no going back once you tell the kids what you are planning!

Scheduling in spending time together might be challenging when your schedules are full of extracurricular activities, jobs, and school. Engaging in activities as a family can help to strengthen the bonds of joy and love. 

Ideas For Family Fitness Fun 

Whether you choose to undertake these inexpensive family-friendly workout activities in your backyard, a nearby park, or somewhere else, you’ll also be getting some fresh air therapy.

1. Walking

We’ll begin with the most obvious as well as the most useful to many of us. Walking more is an effective way to increase your level of activity. It gets us outside into the beautiful outdoors and is very beneficial to our bodies and minds.

Let’s start with the school run. At least one day a week, try to avoid driving and instead take a quick stroll to school. 

The next action is to persuade the family to put on their walking shoes or trainers so they can go for a walk in the park, a more difficult stroll in a hilly area, or perhaps even a hike across the countryside. 

2. Ball Sports

Play a ball game as a family to take enjoyment of the lovely fall weather, whether it’s rounders, cricket, or just a basic game of toss and catch. 

Alternatively, how about playing a football match with some friends? You can all run around, get active, and have fun, whether it’s your child running happily after the ball, everyone perfecting their passing techniques, or a more spirited (and competitive) two, three, or four-a-side.

3. Enjoy a Run

How about suggesting that the family go for a run together? Your child will likely find it entertaining to learn that you’re probably having more difficulty than they are!

This workout coloring chart will help you keep track of your family’s successes if your youngster enjoys motivation in having a written record of their fitness activities.

4. Swimming 

Swimming is not only an entertaining and simple family activity to engage in, but it’s also a vital skill to learn for safety reasons. 

5. Cycling

Maybe you’re all ready to go on a longer family bike ride, or maybe you’re just experienced enough to ride around your neighborhood park. Don’t forget that your child will have a great experience when they can go forward on their own.

There are lots of interesting cycling routes to discover throughout the UK on the National Cycle Network.

Of course, it’s essential to ride safely in addition to enjoying yourself. 

6. Play Tennis

Park tennis courts have seen major improvements in many areas of the nation; they’re affordable, simple to book online, and the ideal location for enjoyable family exercise.

If your child is small, you can help them develop their hand-eye coordination by having them throw and catch a tennis ball or bean bag before they play. 

To help your youngster learn the basics of tennis more quickly, you may also purchase foam balls, mini-tennis nets, and rackets. It wouldn’t take up much room, and you could carry everything to the park.

7. Table Tennis

When the lockdown first started, we were able to fit a table tennis table into our terrace, and our teenage sons found it to be a priceless asset while under lockdown. The majority of the year is appropriate for playing unless it’s pouring rain.

It’s now definitely a family favorite that attracts guests of all ages because it’s easy to play, enjoyable, and—warning—a little addicting.

The table tennis table does come with a large initial cost, but in my opinion, it is well worth the investment.

8. Dance and Fitness Exercises 

People have been exercising at home and enrolling in online fitness classes in the past few years. Even though a lot of us are returning to the gym right now, working out at home may be affordable. Additionally, it’s useful because it takes up little room.

Dancing is amazing and enjoyable. You’re using both your body and intellect to try to recall the instructions.

9. Yoga

Fitness is more than just raising your heart rate and burning calories. It’s also excellent at providing us with joy.

Yoga helps us become more flexible and strong while promoting relaxation and present-moment awareness. It’s a disciplined practice that aids in improving concentration and attention.

You guessed it: spending time together as a family is a lot of fun.

10. At-Home Exercise Circuits

These days, a lot of parks feature exercise machines that may be added to your run once it’s over or used for solo workouts.

But you can still work out at home with a fitness circuit, which is a great way to pass a soggy afternoon or early morning. the child can assist in creating a schedule of enjoyable fitness activities to be performed at various “stations” throughout the house.

11. Climbing

Climbing is a wonderful family-friendly exercise activity, did you know that? It’s great for strengthening a variety of upper and lower body muscle groups, and it will improve everyone’s ability to focus.

On an artificial climbing wall, climbing can be done at a weatherproof indoor climbing facility. 

12. Walk Around The World

Plan a “trip” around the world to add some excitement to going for a walk. Place a map in your home so you may mark your travel routes and make plans for your walks. Next, plot your distance on the map using a pen or thumbtack and a reliable pedometer. It’s an excellent way to get kids excited about traveling—finishing the final few kilometers from Switzerland to Italy sounds much more exciting than walking around the block again! 

13. Get Nostalgic 

Remember when there were no smartphones or tablets and the only way to know when it was time to head home was when the streetlights turned on? Look around and discover a new game the whole family can enjoy. There are tons of incredible old games that your kids might not even know exist. A few timeless games are duck-duck-goose, hopscotch, jump rope, tag, and hide-and-seek.

14. Set Up And Keep a Garden 

A wonderful springtime project that can help you spend time together as a family all summer long is planting a garden. A thriving garden requires a lot of work, including planting, weeding, and watering. When your children consume a meal that includes vegetables they raised themselves, they will also feel a feeling of success.

15. Take On a Hiking Trail

Hiking, the more adventurous compared to walking, is a great way to get both adults and children outside. Hiking has been found to help enhance memory retention and requires a great deal of concentration. Look up routes in your area that are the right length and degree of difficulty for each member of the family. And keep in mind that, with the right tools, even babies can hit the trails—a variety of baby carriers make excellent hiking companions.

16. Try Something New

A new sport is excellent for trying in the winter. Many snow-based activities are frequently overlooked while organizing a wintertime activity, especially by adults. You may explore your neighborhood park with a pair of snowshoes or follow a trail for cross-country skiing. Alternately, go to the ice skating rink and put on some skates.


What are family fun activities for fitness?

Swimming, cycling, dancing, exercise, yoga, Walking, going for a jog, going on a bike ride, taking the stairs, or heading to the park and letting kids run around for a while all these are family fun activities.

The Conclusion

These activities will provide quality time with your family and make lasting memories. See how many you can embark on this list.

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